Manta Fitness Equipment

Atlas 'Meteor' Stones


**Pick up Melbourne Only**

Named after the mythical Greek titan - Atlas

Atlas stones embody the characteristics of successful strongmen & women - strength and determination.

Here at Manta Fitness Equipment we didn't just want to bring you your typical concrete stone, we wanted something extra special. So after partnering with Stand or Submit we came up with the 'Meteor' finish, black with blue running through. No stone turns out the same, so yours will truly be one of a kind. 

Using structural concreting techniques, Stand or Submit have achieved integrity and finish on their stones not possible in a 'home made' scenario.

Ranging from 35kg to 100kg. 

Bronze badge with calibrated weight tag

Use an additional rubber mat to protect your stone (minimum 30mm)

Note - due to the long period (28 days) we allow the stones to cure, some sizes are currently unavailable for immediate pick up.

*please note stocks are limited and back orders are available but will take a little longer for pick up