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The StrongFit Sandbag

Making a claim as the best sandbags on the market, these bags certainly live up to the hype.
The Sandbag is versatile and adds that extra element to your training. Being so simple to use & teach others to use, why haven't you got yours yet?!

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Julien Pineau

"Sandbags are more functional. It's much more likely that you are going to lift something that mimics an awkward, misshapen bag of sand in real life than a perfectly loaded, collared barbell. When it comes to truly functional and human movement, the sandbag is king. Movement should predicate exercise."

StrongFit Sandbags VS The Barbell


Easy to learn...master in minutes.

Asymmetical loading leads to greater core training.

Increased anti-flexion stresses, filling gaps typically not trained.

More functional...mimics real life lifting of objects.

All the cool kids are doing it!


Can take months if not years to master.

Greater risk of injury due to poor form/mechanics.

Controlled movement that doesn't prepare you for everyday life.

Putting on and taking off plates - takes more time.

Increased chance of damaged - rips & tears on your hands.


I was hit by a car when I was 16 (currently 34) and have never moved well. I can't squat below parallel, my leg isn't quite straight in my hip and that effects my shoulders and ankles also. 3 months back working with sandbags and my squat is for the first time ever below parallel. Same trainers, same gym, older body and I've never felt better or moved better. The only difference is Manta Fitness sandbags.

– Nick T

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