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How to seal your Sandbag

How to seal your Sandbag


Your SandBag comes empty with:

  • Metal Ring
  • Ball
  • Zip Tie

You will also need to get sand to fill the bag, we recommend 'washed playground sand', you'll also need some duct tape to finish it all off.

Start by filling the bag to your desired weight. The way the bags are designed you don't have to fill the bags to capacity, they can be filled to whatever weight you need and sealed there.

Once you have your bags filled, place the ring on the outside of the open end of the sandbag and tighten this as far down as you can.

Place the ball inside the fabric on top of the ring, and wrap the ball tight with the bag.

Wrap the zip tie on the outside of the fabric (tight above the ball), and pull tight.

Finish by wrapping the duct tape over the zip tie, and your done!

Watch the video here

Download manual here