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127+kg (280+lb) Sandbag

The 127+kg (280+lb) Sandbags are the best & strongest on the market. Made in the USA by StrongFit, the come in 3 different colours and 12 different weights.

The 127+kg (280+lb) Sandbags are handcrafted from specially sourced Cordura, StrongFit's sandbags are built to last all types of training The bags can withstand 20+ft drops and even used as matting for atlas stones.

The 127+kg (280+lb) Sandbags are supplied empty with a tried and tested closing system, featuring a metal ring, lacrosse ball and zip-tie. Look for our guide on closing to help.

The 127+kg (280+lb) Sandbag comes in the cylindrical 'Punching bag' style.

Handcrafted in the USA
Specially Sourced Courdua material
Sizes - 27kg, 36kg, 45kg, 54kg, 64kg, 72kg, 82kg, 91kg, 100kg, 109kg, 118kg, 127+kg
Colors - Black, Grey, Red
Closing system - Metal ring, lacross ball, zip-tie
Embroidered 6in StrongFit Silhouette

Please note: Sandbags are not shipped with Sand.


12 Month Manufacturers warranty includes:

- sand leakage through the seams.


Normal wear and tear, such as rips of the first row of stitching, or holes caused by the sandbag being in contact with a sharp object are not covered by the warranty.